"It thrills me to see a client stand in a room, that was once just an idea." - Nicki Kana

Our custom factory-built cabinetry is the best alternative to “job” or “site” built cabinetry. It is impossible to compare the quality of custom factory manufactured cabinets to job-built cabinets, because of their vast differences in construction methods, materials, and finishing.

Although factory-built cabinets appear to be more costly than typical site-built,  job-built, builder-grade or lesser quality factory-built cabinets; in the end, our lines are a much better value. One of the main advantages of using factory-built cabinets is their finishing process.  Our factory lines provide a baked-on finish; which heightens the beauty of wood and strengthens the wearability and durability of your factory cabinets.  Custom factory-built cabinets have a superior quality control as factory construction methods reduce imperfections and allow for true customization to fit each individual’s needs.  Ask your builder how his job-built or builder-grade cabinets compare to these standard features in our lines of custom, factory built cabinets:

  • Fine furniture features including complete cabinet boxes with tops, sides, backs and bottoms
  • Fully adjustable shelving, including roll-out shelves
  • Choice of traditional framed or European frameless construction
  • Finished interiors with wood, white laminate or wood grain laminate – smooth to the touch, easy to maintain, and require no shelf paper
  • Banded edges, whether concealed or exposed, preventing moisture from penetrating substrate materials
  • Cabinets are installed as individual, complete units secured with screws, to be fully removable and reusable
  • Adjustable hinges allow for directional flexibility when opening cabinet doors; up, down or sideways, covered by limited lifetime warranties
  • Dovetail maple wood or stainless steel drawers on full-extension, under-mounted slides
  • No paint or stain on your hardware, because it is installed only after the finishing process is complete.
  • Showroom displays enable you to touch, see and experience each of the door styles, woods, finishes, hardware and accessory selections
  • Finishes are applied in a dust free “clean room.” Deep penetrating hand-rubbed stains are applied which “bites” further down into the wood for greater clarity and penetration. The furniture quality finishes and workmanship that our cabinet lines provide exceed furniture industry standards.
  • True hardwoods including maple, oak, and cherry are kiln-dried at the factory to 6% or less moisture content to prevent warping and twisting.