Houston Area Women’s Center

“What we want to do is provide women with relief from terror and a quiet freedom in which they can reconstruct their lives.” – From Houston Area Women’s Center Newsletter, Fall 1978 


For over 35 years, the Houston Area Women’s Center has worked relentlessly to help survivors affected by domestic and sexual violence build lives free from the effects of violence.  Given our humble beginnings – we started with nine active volunteers answering donated phones – we are proud at how we have grown. Today, we have 115 paid staff, a counseling and administrative building, a residential shelter for 120 women and children, a state-of-the-art hotline call center and over 1,000 active volunteers.


Every year through the week of December 7th, we collect new unwrapped gifts and cash donations for the Houston Area Women’s Center.  Gifts range from clothing (adult, baby, kid), personal care items, toys, gift cards, cash/check donations, etc.  We take pride in being able to give the many families being housed by the center a happy holiday season.  Seeing the kids smile is priceless.  So, if you would like to be part of this, please come by our showroom and drop off any gift you would like to donate.

Featured Artist: Richard G. Eastman

Richard G. Eastman of Eastman Gallery will be joining us again this year.  We are thrilled to have his wonderful art work featured during our Fall Artisan Market.  Richard does more than just pottery; his work is truly breathtaking, his skills are phenomenal and he is pretty amazing to be around.  This is his story…

Eastman G20150919_132531allery

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with color. And the richer the color, the greater it attracts me.  As a small child, I spent a great deal of time with my grandmother who was a natural born artist.  She spent hours with me teaching me the joy of creating everything from painting to sculpting, not to mention planting and maintaining a beautiful flower garden.  That relationship and the love of art that she inspired, motivated me to become an Artist, Interior Designer, Architectural Space Planner and
Landscape Designer as well as a Published Poet.

The greatest moments in my life always include something artistic. Some of my favorit20141217_170028 (3)e memories include visiting with my friends while we create.  In my opinion, art is not only something beautiful to look at, but something that can produce major emotions in our lives and can elevate us to a level of consciousness that is difficult to measure.  I strive to create things that nurture the soul and cause reflection, things that bring joy and happiness into our lives on a major scale.  I think that is why I love to paint large paintings mostly; they are more encompassing and have a greater impact within a room where they are placed.  Creating beauty in the world is my passion; it is the most important thing in my life.  And though I have received several awards for my artwork, the greatest honor I can receive is when it is cherished by those who own it.

For more information on Richard G. Eastman and Eastman Gallery, you can visit his website: www.eastmangallery.net

In the mean time, you will find Richard and some of his beautiful pieces in our showroom on November 12th, 2015 from 11am to 7pm.



Featured Artist: SapoVela Soap Co.

This year we are excited to welcome another new artist to our Fall Artisan Market.  SapoVela Soap Co. is owned by Carlo and Mike AND this is their story…


“What goes on your skin matters as much as what goes in your body”

Like many,SapoVela hands we also grew up eating all kinds of conventional foods and using just whatever skin and hair products you see out there with no clue of what’s in them.  What we use on our skin here matters just as much as what we put inside our bodies. That’s why after lots of training and education we developed our own soap, deodorant & toothpaste, so we can use them without any concerns.

Our variety of handmade products have no phthalates, no parabens, no paraffin,no tallow, no any animal ingredients in general, never use palm or palm kernel oil, no aluminum or SLS and no fluoride in our toothpaste.


We craft these things with prepared & researched techniques and a pinch of love which is a powerful ingredient too that needs to go in there to produce a beautiful handmade product!


Today we are a growing small business focused on the making of premium artisan soap, paste deodorants, toothpaste and 100% pure soy candles.  We literally pour our heart in the creation of these recipes developed with natural and organic ingredients – such as; butters, phthalate-free fragrance oils, essential oils, non-GMO xylitol, aluminum-free baking soda…well, you get the idea.


We look forward to seeing everyone on Fall Artisan Market day and sharing our story with everyone!
You can follow us on Instagram (SapoVela Soap Co) and Facebook (SapoVela Soap Co) to keep up-to-date with all our sales and new fragrances.


Thank you!
Mike & Carlo
Mike and Carlo