For over 75 years, Wood-Mode has been nationally recognized for excellence in cabinet design, material selection, construction and finishes. Much of the credit is due to the handcrafting executed with pride by dedicated artisans. Wood-Mode uses only the finest materials and woodworking skills, coupled with the most advanced technology in the marketplace. The result is the highest quality cabinetry with an impressive range of styles, colors, woods, laminates, moldings and hardware, so your design choices are virtually limitless.


Environmental Policy: Wood-Mode has been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) as meeting the standards for its “Environmental Stewardship Program” (ESP).  Wood-Mode, is committed to the pursuit of responsible environmental policies and practices.  They believe in the importance of protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources by implementing responsible technologies and processes.


Wood-Mode and Brookhaven offer a limited lifetime warranty post August 12th, 2019.


Wood-Mode, a true custom cabinet line, is considered one of the highest in quality with an extensive range of styles, finish options, woods, and laminates.  The Wood-Mode difference is in the details and finesse their craftsmanship execute on a day to day basis  to create deep, luxurious finishes that feel like silk.  Everything is hand-selected and machined with precision; creating the perfect combination of man, machine and creativity. Your imagination and design choices are virtually limitless.


Brookhaven, a division of Wood-Mode, is a semi-custom cabinet line that offers flexibility, variety, and design choices that aren’t limited to standard sizing, as well as finish options and special purpose units.  From the spectrum of contemporary to traditional, to classic and all that is in between, Brookhaven allows you to achieve a truly individual design.