Cabico Custom Cabinetry: The Human Touch

We are thrilled to represent Cabico Custom Cabinetry and two of their product lines: The Elmwood Series and The Unique Series.

Cabico Custom Cabinetry is a leading high-end cabinetmaker.  They are composed of a team of over 600 artisans that will bring to life your projects; no matter how big or small.  Cabico builds their brand around “The Human Touch” and embodies it with a blend of creativity, technology and fine craftsmanship.


Cabico possesses the ability to bring the ultimate in custom cabinetry by incorporating a flawless fusion of fine materials and superior craftsmanship. They are Inspired by the latest trends in design; fully customizable, functional, and distinctively creative.  Cabico Custom Cabinetry is a beautiful addition for the most complex of projects.


“Everyone has their own unique lifestyle, personality, and aspirations. And because kitchens are so central in our daily lives, each kitchen project has to take these defining features into account.  That’s why we believe the only way to make true custom cabinetry is to incorporate an essential human touch into every step of the design, and manufacturing process—and every aspect of our client and business relationships. In our book, it’s the only way to fulfill your aspirations and achieve the perfect balance of style, functionality, custom design and high-end craftsmanship.”