1,000 Touches: Wood-Mode Hand-crafted Custom Cabinetry

What makes Wood-Mode unique is the people and the time-honored techniques they infuse in every detail throughout the cabinet’s journey from raw wood to polished furniture finish.

As a family-owned business, the American-made Wood-Mode brand is carefully managed to utilize benefits of modern technology while preserving the time-honored techniques. These values preserve the art of the craft without compromising speed or efficiency over craftsmanship.

It’s the human touch that makes Wood-Mode uniquely beautiful and hand made.

FYI: a little fun piece of information – The physically distressed “burnished cherry” finish goes through 25 steps before leaving the factory.  That’s what makes Wood-Mode an outstanding, high-quality product that lasts.

Physically Distressed “Burnished Cherry” Finishing Steps:

  1. Orbital Stand with 3 beltsfin_steps_cherry
  2. Clean Surfaces
  3. Corner Edge wear Distressing
  4. Rock Distressing
  5. Nicks
  6. Splits
  7. Joint Cracks
  8. Worm Holes
  9. Wet Wood to pen the grain
  10. Black Smudge Pad Stain
  11. Hand Wiping Stain
  12. Shade Stain Light Areas
  13. Detailed Hand Burnishing
  14. Cow Tail
  15. Oven Bake #1
  16. Catalyzed Sealer
  17. Oven Bake #2
  18. Catalyzed Sealer on back and Oven Bake #3
  19. Sealer Sand
  20. Clean Surfaces
  21. Hand Wiping Black Glaze
  22. Splatter Speck Distressing
  23. Catalyzed Matte Varnish
  24. Oven Bake #4
  25. Catalyzed Matte Varnish on back and Oven Bake #5


Southern Reserve by Wood-Mode, Inc.