Happy Holidays!

Another year has come and gone, it truly feels like we just kicked off this year and now we are saying goodbye again. Yikes! We have had an amazing year and we’d like to express our thanks to everyone who supports us and helps us finish every single one of our jobs. Thank you to all our vendors, our Wood-Mode family, Bellmont Factory Cabinets and our wonderful installers who have been working like crazy this entire year.

We definitely haven’t given them a break at all; Lee, Jan and Kelly – you guys are awesome and we don’t know what we’d do without you (let’s not even give that any thought). Thank you to all our clients for trusting us with your vision of what could be and what became. We loved being part of it all. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate it, we hope it’s merry and joyous!


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