“Pick 2” Savings Event Extended

There is no better time of
year to get exactly what you
want. For a limited time,
enjoy exceptional savings
Wood-Mode and Brookhaven
premium selections.

Considering an opaque
finish? Ask us about additional
savings options available.

Special savings are effective now
through April 29, 2016.
See a showroom sales associate for details.


“Pick 2” Savings Event Extended
100% OFF first premium door,
finish or wood species*
50% OFF second premium


“Pick-A-Premium” Savings Event
50% OFF premium door, finish,
wood species or plywood


Layer on more savings in addition to the
discounts above when selecting MDF material
with Wood-Mode or Brookhaven opaque finishes

Get an additional $50 credit for
every MDF door and drawerhead
per order

All promotions are efective now
through April 29, 2016

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