Tailor-made Cabinetry

About American Contemporary – Vanguard Bar:
This piece defines key elements of American Contemporary design – interpretations of fundamental simplicity coupled with modern functionality and a deep-seated respect for those who craft the space.

vanguard bar 2

Mirror Stainless Steel, LED lighting and sliding upper cabinet doors merge in high-rise contemporary flair in the Vanguard Bar.

Less is more in contemporary design: solid and subtle patterned fabrics instead of colorful prints.  Smooth, clean profiles instead of ornate design and minimal accessories instead of big collections – that’s what defines this design theme.  There is a strong emphasis on line and symmetry – which is always a key factor in good design.  That’s what gives contemporary style its cool energy.  This design theme is designed around the idea of natural light, open space and comfort, which makes the room feel casual and friendly, because there isn’t any clutter…every piece has to count.

Whatever architectural or design style inspires you, Wood-Mode can help you achieve it.

The New States of Style:  Bold. Independent.  Exceptional.  How do you define American Contemporary?

Wood-Mode Hand-crafted Custom Cabinetry:  What makes Wood-Mode unique is the people and the time-honored techniques they infuse in every detail throughout the cabinet’s journey from raw wood to polished furniture finish.


As a family-owned business, the American-made Wood-Mode brand is carefully managed to utilize benefits of modern technology while preserving the time-honored techniques.  These values preserve the art of the craft without compromising speed or efficiency over craftsmanship.

It’s the human touch that makes Wood-Mode uniquely beautiful and hand made.

contemporary“Linda and I have been talking about you all week!  You are amazingly professional, talented, creative, intuitive, and delightful!  We are so happy to be working on this project with you.  Thanks for all your efforts.”

– K. Wolf on her experience working with Nicki Kana.

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